Can Magnesium Help You Lose Weight

Can Magnesium Help You Lose Weight
Can Magnesium Help You Lose Weight
Can Magnesium Help You Lose Weight

Can magnesium help you lose weight?

It truly depends on how much you want to lose; it will assist in shedding those last few pounds however you won’t see a dramatic weight loss over an extended period of time.

The laxative can be used for temporary weight loss due to severe diarrhea and loss of water. But the weight returns when normal bowel and eating habits return because no fat was lost. Magnesium supplements have not been proven to aid in weight loss but they certainly improve cellular functions, especially enzymes.

Enzymes break down food in our body, so increasing their responsibility with a supplement could result in a healthier metabolism. Adding a mineral supplement could aid in a healthier person but it must come with healthy food choices; omitting the high in sugar and greasy foods, and taking vitamins daily.

Magnesium citrate is not a miracle pill or drink but it will help cell function which could lead to a healthier, more fit person. Be aware that overuse of laxatives can cause loss of fluid, electrolytes and minerals. It can lead to severe dehydration, kidney failure and liver damage.

Important things to know about magnesium are that most Americans are deficient; the standard test used by medical doctors is inaccurate because it can only test the bloodstream which contains such a low amount of ours body’s total magnesium levels. Magnesium also plays an important role on physical and muscle function.

Having the proper amounts of magnesium levels in your body is vital to optimal performance. Since commonly consumed foods and activities deplete magnesium and since our bodies cannot produce magnesium alone then it becomes even more critical to increase magnesium intake. This is done so by selected food sources and supplementation.

Magnesium Citrate supplements

Magnesium Citrate supplements can be beneficial but if abused, it could lead to severe damage and complications. The best way to replenish magnesium into your body is through food sources. Also avoiding the activities that deplete magnesium such as drinking alcohol, coffee or soda and eating high amounts of processed foods.

Taking a magnesium supplement may assist cell function in your body. However there are other vitamins that need to be taken along with magnesium to ensure proper levels.

Be sure to speak with a health professional about the correct amount for you and the best route to take.  A miracle pill or drink alone won’t make the pounds disappear so don’t expect these results from magnesium citrate. It is mostly used as a laxative for temporary weight loss.

Magnesium can aid in a small amount of weight loss but it must include further action to make a strong impact; a healthy diet, exercise, and other vitamins recommended by a doctor.

Tackling weight loss can be difficult, especially with such a large market of pointless and expensive products. It’s surprising that people will spend so much effort on trying to find the secret to losing weight when it’s quite an elementary concept.

Healthy Food

Your body requires food for fuel, don’t deprive yourself of it. Cut out the acidic, bad foods and increase clean-eating habits along with plenty of exercise. You should also allow room in your schedule for regular doctor visits and get advice on which supplements are right for you.

Magnesium plays an important role in weight loss and weight gain patterns simply because it is an essential mineral that impacts the production of energy and the effectiveness of your metabolism.

No need to chug energy drinks and soda or starve yourself; put in the right elements to any equation and you’ll enjoy the results.

Most American adults are magnesium deficient. It means that we need more magnesium and your body may not be functioning properly if levels are low. Weight has a direct association with magnesium, magnesium helps the body digest, absorb and utilize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

It’s necessary for insulin to open cell membranes for glucose; magnesium also helps prevent obesity genes from expressing themselves.

The weight connection to magnesium is that magnesium, along with other vitamins, is an energy nutrient.

They activate enzymes that control digestion and absorption. If lacking necessary energy nutrients, your body cannot properly utilize food. It could lead to severe symptoms such as obesity and hypoglycemia.

A diet high in processed foods lack the essential nutrients our bodies need so people often find themselves overeating. This desire to continue eating is mistaken for hunger but most likely is because the body is craving the nutrients that aren’t found in processed foods therefore you continue to eat empty calories that cause weight gain.

Magnesium Citrate benefits

Magnesium is also necessary in the chemical reaction that allows insulin to direct glucose into cells. Without enough magnesium, both insulin and glucose will become elevated and contribute to obesity. Especially in the abdomen, and Type 2 Diabetes.

If magnesium is deficient, glucose levels become elevated, kidney damage and other diabetic complications arise. Further deficiency leads to hypertension, cholesterol buildup and heart disease.

Magnesium has many other benefits. Sleeping better and reducing insomnia happen because of the calming effect magnesium has on the nervous system. Magnesium makes your brain work much better, improves memory, focus and decreases ADHD.

If you aren’t taking magnesium then you’re missing out on a great testosterone response and leaving muscle gains on the table. Because optimal magnesium levels are needed for muscle development.

It supports overall body composition and prevents diabetes, magnesium is critical for cardiovascular health because it lowers inflammation. While there is no cure for asthma, it can be controlled by certain factors, such as including high amounts of magnesium in your diet.

“Magnesium — The idea of using magnesium to treat asthma comes from the fact that people who have asthma often have low levels of magnesium, and from some (but not all) studies showing that intravenous (IV) magnesium can work as an emergency treatment for an asthma attack.” [Link 1]

Magnesium also improves digestion and relieves constipation. Adequate magnesium is necessary for treating obesity, reducing abdominal fat and central obesity. Your calcium supplement is useless without proper amount of magnesium. Calcium and magnesium need to be combined in equal doses.

So can magnesium help you lose weight?

Taking in the proper amounts of magnesium through supplementation and food sources will aid in weight loss.

The overall components are crucial, you must follow a clean-eating diet high in alkaline foods which are excellent resources for magnesium, participate in a regular exercise program, and include the right daily supplements suggested by a qualified physician.

So there is the weight loss cure, now enjoy watching the weight drop right off!

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