Start a healthy lifestyle for a better future with Magnesium citrate supplements

Magnesium Citrate Supplements
Magnesium Citrate Supplements
Magnesium Citrate Supplements

A balanced diet is very important for healthy living. Have you ever wondered that what is a balanced diet?

It is the perfect combination of all the major and minor nutrients that are necessary for the body.

A common mistake that most of the individuals make is that they do not pay attention to the consumption of minor nutrients due to which they have to suffer from some major health problems.

In a recent research, it has been proved that people are suffering from a severe deficiency of mag citrate. The reason is that they are not consuming the diet rich in magnesium.

In case you are wondering that why magnesium products are important. Here we have everything you need to know about.

Magnesium citrate supplements

Magnesium citrate is the compound obtained from magnesium carbonate and citric acid. It is commonly available in the market as magnesium citrate supplements.

The product is used widely to as the treatment for magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium citrate supplements
Forms of Magnesium

It has been proved in the recent study that magnesium citrate supplements are easily absorbed by the body as compared to other magnesium alternatives and it is more beneficial.

It is not only used to treat the deficiency of magnesium, there are many other benefits of the supplements that you do not know about.

Magnesium citrate dosage

Magnesium citrate is available in both tablet and liquid form. You can have the one you are most comfortable with.

If you are planning to take the magnesium citrate supplements the form of the medicine depends on your sex and age.

  • 400 mg is the recommended dose for the men between the age of 19 to 30 years
  • 420 mg is the healthy dose for men above 30 years
  • 310 mg is the recommended dose for the women up to the age of 50 years
  • Ladies older than 50 or pregnant women should take 430 mg per day

The medical authorities have advised that you should not take more than the upper limit of the Magnesium citrate dosage according to your gender and age.

The magnesium citrate liquid has an unpleasant flavor and you can change it by storing in refrigerator. If you do not like the liquid you can always have the magnesium citrate tablets.


An overdose of magnesium citrate is not commonly reported but the common symptoms include stomach pain and diarrhea.

In case you have noticed someone taking extra tablets of magnesium citrate it is important that you contact the emergency room or poison control center as soon as possible.

Missing dose

In case you have missed your dose of magnesium citrate, it is important that you take it immediately when you remember.

If it is the time for your next dose then you can resume your regular schedule and skip the missed dose. Never take the double dose because it will be harmful to your body.

Magnesium Citrate Deficient
Magnesium Citrate Deficient

Magnesium citrate benefits

Here is the list of amazing benefits that you will get with the healthy consumption of magnesium citrate.

Maintain healthy level of magnesium

In a recent study, it has been proved that the fourth most abundant element in the body is magnesium.

  • All our bones, teeth and other hard structures of the body and made up of magnesium
  • There are 300 different reactions in the body that are controlled by magnesium
  • It helps to keep the heartbeat steady, causes proper nerve stimulation and helps in the functioning of the muscles
  • Magnesium regulates the blood sugar level, blood pressure and helps in the natural synthesis of proteins

If you are suffering from an intestinal disorder, there are chances that magnesium will be removed from your body. So it is important that you take a healthy dose of the form magnesium citrate supplements.

Relieve migraine

A small-scale study was conducted on the efficacy of magnesium citrate for the patients suffering from migraine without aura.

It is the most common type of migraine found in the patients. after few months of research, it was found that there were effective results in the patients that were given magnesium citrate in the oral form.

That means that after proper research there are chances that a proper treatment for the migraine patients will be developed. It will help them to get relief from this issue.

Magnesium Citrate Benefits
Magnesium Citrate Benefits

No more late night cramps

When you have spent the entire day working hard there are chances that late night you will wake up because of the muscle cramps mostly in the legs.

The drugs used for the treatment of muscle cramps have many side effects due to which they have been discontinued.

However, recently, it has been found that magnesium citrate supplements are very effective in the treatment of muscle cramps.

We know that magnesium is important for the contraction and relaxation of muscles fibers because it supplies the oxygen.

Higher concentration of magnesium citrate in the body means that muscles will get proper oxygen that will break down the lactic acid. So there will be no pain.

Cleansing properties

Magnesium citrate supplements have been proved to be very effective for cleansing bowel. It has been shown that there is a huge amount of excreta stuck in or intestine.

It is not secreted because of lack of water or other issues.

With the proper detoxification using magnesium citrate the entire bowel can be cleansed.

You will notice a change in your health because it will be easier for you to absorb all the nutrients. It is utilized as a laxative.

Consult a specialist

You have to remember that magnesium citrate might not be appropriate for you if you are on certain medications related to diabetes, heart issues, antibiotics, and antacids.

Before you start the self-treatment it is important you consult a specialist.

In case your body is allergic to magnesium citrate supplements or you are suffering from any side effects you should stop taking the medicine and get professional help.

So please make sure that you always consume the supplements in the recommended dose.

Suggestion of Magnesium citrate supplements

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