Magnesium Citrate and Weight Loss

Magnesium Citrate and Weight Loss
Magnesium Citrate and Weight Loss

Can Magnesium Citrate help you lose weight? Magnesium Citrate and Weight Loss, does it work? It truly depends on how much you want to lose; it will assist in shedding those last few pounds however you won’t see a dramatic weight loss over an extended period of time.

Magnesium Citrate and Weight Loss

As a laxative, magnesium citrate can be used for temporary weight loss due to severe diarrhea and loss of water but the weight returns when normal bowel and eating habits return because no fat was lost.

Be aware that overuse of laxatives can cause loss of fluid, electrolytes and minerals and can lead to severe dehydration, kidney failure and liver damage. Magnesium citrate and weight loss don’t necessarily go together, it is a saline laxative used to treat occasional constipation, not to be used regularly.

Being the eleventh most abundant mineral in your body, Magnesium is required by all cells for normal cellular function.

“Most importantly, it plays a large role in maintaining and manipulating DNA, RNA and ATP (which takes place at the cellular level).” [Link 1]

Typically used before rectal surgeries and colonoscopies, magnesium citrate works to attract and absorb water in the gut through osmosis. It can also be used for health purposes such as a dietary supplement.

Magnesium supplements have not been proven to aid in weight loss but they certainly improve cellular functions, especially enzymes. Enzymes break down food in our body, so increasing their responsibility with a supplement could result in a healthier metabolism.

Adding a mineral supplement could aid in a healthier person but it must come with healthy food choices; omitting the high in sugar and greasy foods, and taking vitamins daily. Magnesium is not a miracle pill but it will help cell function which could lead to a healthier, more fit person.

Projects about Magnesium Citrate

Theorists project that magnesium supplements can play an important role in weight loss because magnesium has a direct impact on your metabolism and your enzymes ability to break down food.

While this hasn’t been proven, we can acknowledge that magnesium does improve cellular functions, especially enzymes; which makes sense that it would assist in establishing a better metabolism.

Also, most American adults are magnesium deficient therefore adding a magnesium supplement to your diet is most likely a good idea. Magnesium pills are fairly inexpensive, they help cell function and increase overall health, so it’s worth a shot!

While a supplement could be beneficial, one pill cannot do it all. “It is noteworthy that processed foods have a much lower magnesium content than unrefined grain products [Link 2] and that dietary intake of magnesium in the western world is decreasing owing to the consumption of processed food.” [Link 3]

You will notice large improvements by allowing for a steady supply of magnesium throughout the day. This can’t be done by taking a single dose of magnesium, only by eating right in addition to a supplement. Magnesium-rich foods are the best way to increase magnesium in your body.

Usage of Magnesium

Drinking water and eating leafy, green vegetables are major sources of magnesium, along with nuts, seeds and unprocessed cereals. Other foods that have an intermediate level of magnesium concentration include legumes, fruit, meat and fish.

Magnesium Citrate falls into a potentially harmful fad with colon cleansers causing extreme weight loss, which is false.

The laxative is used to prepare patients for surgery. It shouldn’t be used on a regular basis because it will cause dehydration and could potentially make a person very ill.

Adding a daily supplement along with other vitamins may be suggested by a qualified doctor however that shouldn’t be mistaken for false hopes of drinking away 20 pounds. A laxative will certainly clean a person out but it generally doesn’t result in weight loss.

There may be a significant amount of water lost but it won’t result in a lasting weight loss routine. Your body is pretty efficient at eliminating waste, a person should only use a laxative occasionally if they have serious constipation issues; again under the supervision of a doctor.

Expecting positive results from drinking magnesium citrate for weight loss won’t happen. If used too often, laxatives could cause serious damage to a person’s body.

The product is used to clean stool before surgery and other bowel procedures. It could also be used to relieve serious constipation trouble. It does just that though, results in an extended trip to the bathroom.

A magnesium supplement could help balance out the levels in your body. On the other hand it cannot be held responsible for being a miracle pill because there is no such thing.

Conclusion for Magnesium Citrate and Weight Loss

In conclusion, do magnesium citrate and weight loss mix? It will certainly cause a lot of bowel movements but cannot be the only factor in a weight loss attempt.

Making the right food choices, the right exercise program, taking necessary vitamins and supplements as suggested by a physician, and seeing a qualified doctor regularly will be the ultimate weight loss trick.

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